Timeline & Next Steps

The Council and MOD are committed to engaging as widely and comprehensively as possible around plans for St George’s Barracks.

Informal consultation around the first high-level masterplan, setting out a vision for the future of St George’s Barracks, took place between 11 May and 15 June 2018.

The high-level masterplan is intended to act as a framework for development. It is not a fixed blueprint.

The Council and MOD now need to look closely at what people have said as part of the informal consultation. All of the feedback will be analysed and we will carefully consider any issues, considerations or concerns that have been raised.



The jointly prepared high-level masterplan provides illustrative zoning for the St George’s Barracks site and indicates the order in which various plots might be brought forward. It also highlights key access and road layouts, infrastructure requirements and describes the site – what it might look and feel like in broad terms. This includes preferences for density of housing and housing types.

All of the feedback received in relation to the high-level masterplan will now be used to help produce a more detailed version. Once complete, the detailed masterplan will be translated into a planning application(s) to take the redevelopment forward and help meet our aspirations for the future of the site. 

All of the comments we received as part of the informal consultation have now been published and can be viewed here.

This feedback will be used to help shape a more detailed set of plans for St George’s, which will be put to residents again in the autumn. The views expressed are also being incorporated into Rutland’s new Draft Local Plan, consultation around which is due to begin in August 2018.



It is anticipated that the indicative timeline for the project will be as shown in the adjacent table, with development beginning some time in 2021/22. We anticipate that it will take in the order of a decade for the site to be completely built out, depending on the market.