Three land use distribution options have been considered, as shown below. Through discussions between RCC and the MOD, it was agreed to proceed with the preparation of a high-level masterplan based on option 3.

The masterplan allows for the creation of a compact new community in the western part of the site, close to Edith Weston. This provides some 3,000 new dwellings, along with employment, a school, local centre, open space and other facilities.

There is potential for a future satellite community of some 500 homes in the eastern part of the site, however this would not be realised until after minerals extraction has been undertaken, and so it is likely to be some 20-30 years away.



A range of uses are proposed:

  • Up to 3,000 homes, offering a range of house types and tenures to meet the needs of Rutland, supporting the exemplary vision we have for the masterplan
  • Provision of 14 hectares of employment
  • A relocated and enlarged Edith Weston Academy
  • A new local centre with provision of local neighbourhood shops, meeting the day-to-day needs of local communities
  • A new health and wellbeing centre, providing a GP surgery and other facilities
  • The potential for new nursing home facilities
  • A multi-functional community centre
  • The potential for faith provision as required
  • Extensive open space provision. Over 60% of the site is dedicated to public open space
  • A substantial green gap separating the new community from North Luffenham
  • A new country park
  • A heritage zone around the listed Thor Missile launch pads
  • Interim/meanwhile uses pending minerals extraction being undertaken. This may take the form of agriculture, open space, glamping, renewable energy (such as a solar farm) or other uses.