It is recognised that significant investment in infrastructure and public services is required in order to make development on the site viable.

Rutland County Council submitted a bid to the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund which has been shortlisted for consideration.

The bid is primarily designed to ensure that development on the site happens in a sustainable way with the appropriate investment in infrastructure such as roads, transport. schools and healthcare.

Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, has confirmed that Rutland County Council’s bid for funding under the Housing Infrastructure Fund will go forward to stage two of a two-stage process.


Delivering the right physical and social infrastructure is a priority for the St George’s Barracks project. Infrastructure is specifically referenced in the partnership agreement between the RCC and the MOD. It underpins the master planning process and is the reason we have submitted an application for national Housing Infrastructure Funding (HIF).

RCC has successfully navigated the first stage in a two-stage bidding process for HIF funding, which will allow the early upgrading of all infrastructure, prior to the delivery of any new homes.

This will include things like schools, public transport, highways, healthcare and broadband services. Work has already commenced on determining the extent of the required highways upgrades. We are also in early discussions with all the major utility providers.

The HIF is a new source of funding set up specifically to support local authorities who are planning for sustainable housing growth in their areas. We’re clear that any future development on the St George’s site must have the necessary infrastructure needed to support both new and existing communities

Oliver Hemsley

Leader, Rutland County Council