The Importance of growth

By Cllr Oliver Hemsley, Leader of Rutland County Council
The St George’s Barracks site, located between the villages of Edith Weston and North Luffenham, has played an important part in Rutland’s history and now plays an equally important role in our future.

In looking at what may be possible on the site, Rutland County Council has entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Defence because we want to ensure that any development on the site is controlled, sustainable, in harmony with the county’s environment and with the appropriate investment in public services, infrastructure and affordable housing.

Most of all, we want to ensure that our wider community has the chance to input into what happens on the site at the very earliest stage before any detailed plans or proposal are drawn up.

That is why we welcome your involvement in this high-level Masterplan engagement exercise.

Our vision for the St George’s site is simple: we want to create a community that compliments Rutland’s existing villages, a place with good public transport and amenities and a place where at least half the available land is green space. We also want to ensure that a range of housing is available for different budgets and requirements with appropriate investment in infrastructure and public services such as schools, healthcare facilities and leisure and roads.

The development of St George’s barracks is important because, in order to protect and preserve what Rutland has to offer, we need controlled growth. If we do not remain open to new opportunities we risk becoming stagnant, the result of which would very likely be a declining population and the loss of public services that make our villages sustainable, such as community schools, bus routes, post offices, shops and pubs.

With your help, we will ensure that St George’s barracks contributes to the County’s future.