St Georges Advisory Group


The purpose of the Advisory Group is to bring the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Rutland County Council, any future developer and interested parties from the wider community together to highlight issues and concerns during the Planning and Development process and identify appropriate solutions.

Full Terms of Reference for the St George’s Advisory Group will be published here once they have been finalised.


Members of the St George’s Advisory are working to achieve the following objectives:

  • enable the community to stay informed and make suggestions to be considered during the development process
  • identify community needs, gaps and concerns and find a pragmatic response
  • identify, promote and celebrate good news and foster community spirit

Roles and responsibilities

The St George’s Advisory Group and its individual members have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • deliver the objectives outlined above
  • be a channel for residents to raise concerns and questions about the redevelopment process
  • identify the relevant St George’s Advisory Group member to respond to concerns raised
  • support the normal and statutory routes for raising concerns and influencing decisions
  • make sure that queries raised by the community are addressed in a timely fashion
  • receive and communicate regular project updates to the community
  • provide progress reports to the St George’s Project Board
  • To meet every four weeks or as required to allow the Group to input into key stages


The organisations and individuals listed below are Members of the St George’s Advisory Group:

  • Oliver Hemsley (Chair of the Advisory Group) – Leader of Rutland County Council
  • Helen Briggs – Chief Executive of Rutland County Council
  • Kenneth Bool – Chairman of Rutland County Council and Ward Member for Normanton
  • Gale Waller – Ward Member for Normanton
  • Gordon Brown – Deputy Leader of Rutland County Council and Ward Member for Ketton
  • Gary Conde – Ward Member for Ketton
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Regen Co
  • Edith Weston Parish Representative
  • North Luffenham Parish Representative
  • Normanton Parish Representative
  • Manton Parish Representative
  • Ketton Parish Representative
  • Oakham Town Council Representative
  • South Luffenham Parish Representative
  • Empingham Parish Representative
  • Uppingham Town Council Representative
  • Barleythorpe Parish Representative
  • Morcott Parish Council Representative

The Chair of the Advisory Group may also invite additional members to join the group when needed.


The St George’s Advisory Group meets every four weeks. Although these are not held in public, minutes from each meeting will be published. To view the agenda, minutes and actions of each meeting plus listen to audio recordings, click here or use the button below:


If you would like to contact the St George’s Advisory Group, please email:

Alternatively, please contact your nearest Parish Council representative from the following list:

Full Terms of Reference for the St George’s Advisory Group can be viewed below: