Consultation Feedback

Informal consultation on the High-Level Masterplan for St George’s Barracks took place from 11 May to 15 June 2018.

The purpose of the consultation was to present local communities with initial proposals indicating how St George’s site could be developed once vacated by the army.

This feedback has been coupled with the MOD’s requirements for redeveloping St George’s Barracks and used to develop a set of more than 40 recommendations that will help to shape the evolving Masterplan for the site 

Consultation responses are also being incorporated into Rutland’s new Draft Local Plan, the purpose of which is to protect Rutland’s unique character while guiding future sustainable growth and development in our county. Read more about Rutland’s Local Plan process.

Areas of focus

As part of the informal consultation on St George’s Barracks, feedback was sought in relation to following:

  • Overall visions for the site
  • Public services and local infrastructure
  • Importance of affordable housing
  • Local facilities
  • Use of open space and minerals extraction area
  • Public transport links


Consultation Methods

Feedback on the initial vision for St George’s was sought in the following ways:

Method Details Outcome
Stakeholder launch Presentation and workshop introducing key stakeholders and community groups to the High-Level Masterplan Event attended by representatives from: Local Enterprise Partnership, East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG, Homes England, Primary and Secondary Education, Hanson Cement, Primary Care, Anglian Water, Environment Agency, Western Power, Western Power, Severn Trent, BT, AECOM, Wildlife Trust, Historic England, Openreach, Cadent Gas, Housing associations. Citizens Advice, Healthwatch Rutland, CPRE
Public events

10 public events held in locations around the county with display information, copies of the High-Level Masterplan and printed questionnaires:

·   Oakham, 11 May

·   Oakham, 12 May

·   North Luffenham, 16 May

·   Uppingham, 17 May

·   Edith Weston, 23 May

·   Empingham, 24 May

·   Oakham, 30 May

·   Ketton, 30 May

·   Manton, 4 June

·   Ketton, 5 June

37 hours of face-to-face consultation at seven public venues, attended by circa 800 people.
Exhibition Static display in place at Oakham Library for the duration of the informal consultation with copies of the High-Level Masterplan and printed questionnaires. St George’s High-Level Masterplan and supporting materials on display for 30 days – total of 219 hours viewing time.
Website Standalone St George’s Barracks website with Masterplan information. 3,854 visits to the site (2,622 unique visitors) over the consultation period, totalling 15,274 page views.
Printed questionnaire Printed questionnaires available at all public events, Oakham Library display and on request. 259 responses
Online survey Online survey accessible via the St George’s website, with signposting via printed consultation materials and social media. 365 responses


Other response to the St George’s High-Level Masterplan were received via the following means:

Feedback Description Details

Emails referencing St George’s Barracks and/or High-Level Masterplan sent direct to or forwarded to the project team from other areas of the council.

73 emails received during consultation period
Petition “In response to Rutland County Council’s request for comment on their Masterplan for the development of St George’s Barracks, we the undersigned categorically disagree with the number of houses proposed by the Rutland County Council and the Ministry of Defence. We strongly urge you to reconsider the proposal you have put forward in respect of the 3000 houses master plan. This would increase the population of the county by over 20% which will destroy the rural character of the County and cause major infrastructure problems. This proposal is unacceptable to the residents and communities of Rutland.” 429 signatures
Edith Weston Residents Survey Survey conducted locally among residents of Edith Weston. 126 responses
As part of the informal consultation on St George’s Barracks, feedback was sought in relation to following:

  • Overall visions for the site
  • Public services and local infrastructure
  • Importance of affordable housing
  • Local facilities
  • Use of open space and minerals extraction area
  • Public transport links

Consultation responses

A breakdown of consultation feedback is provided below. This is separated into key themes identified within responses to open comment/text questions and statistical data generated by closed questions.

Key themes

Four open text questions sought feedback on: the overall vision put forward within the High-Level Masterplan, priorities for infrastructure and public services, any other provisions that respondents thought were needed as part of any future development.

Q1. What do you think about the overall vision for the St George’s Barracks site?

Q2. What investment in public services or infrastructure would you like to see as part of any future development?

Q8. Are there any other uses or provisions you would like to see on the St George’s site as part of any future development?

Q9. Please use the space below to provide any other comments or feedback regarding draft plans for the St George’s site.

The following key themes/issues are clearly identifiable within the consultation responses that were received:


The size and scale of the development

Although there is a strong recognition from many respondents that the county does need growth, there was a widespread concern for the number of houses that were proposed for the development, particularly for the impact on surrounding villages and a steer that any development should be in keeping with local/rural character.


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The importance of infrastructure

Respondents want to ensure that there is a good investment in infrastructure and public services, including improvements to roads and junctions.


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Employment and job creation

There was strong recognition that the development needed to bring about realistic employment opportunities and business growth, and greater detail was needed on the proposed business zone.


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Local transport provision

Transport issues included improvements to local bus routes, suggestions that there should be a railway station, improved cycle routes and provisions for electric cars. Parking, particularly at Rutland Water, was also flagged as a concern.


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While many respondents acknowledge the need for new homes and, in particular, affordable housing, concern was again expressed over the number of dwellings proposed. Feedback indicates an appetite for a range of housing types as part of any future development, while quality of build and design are clearly important.

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Feedback on the environment fell under two key themes: the first focussing on the need to carefully manage any mineral extraction from the land, and the second raising concern for wildlife and preservation of our countryside.


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Health and education

The need for new schools and health facilities featured strongly in responses, including recommendations for both a primary and secondary school and health to include a local GP, dentist and opticians.


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Tourism and leisure

There were concerns about the impact of the development on the County’s tourism offer, and recommendations that we should enhance our offer with the development of a hotel and golf course. Some respondents suggested intergenerational and multi-cultural activities be investigated, to bring communities together.


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Results tabled below show the percentage of respondents who selected a given option when responding to closed or multiple choice questions.

Q3. How important to you is the provision of housing that is affordable to young families?

Answered: 600 out of 624 people answered this question

  • Not Important 12.67%
  • Quite Important 29.67%
  • Very Important 43.17%
  • Unsure 14.5%

Q4. In your view, what facilities are most important for a local centre that would sit at the heart of any future development?

Answered: 586 out of 624 people answered this question

  • Shops 42.54%
  • Hairdresser 5.25%
  • Bank 13.99%
  • Supermarket 20.51%
  • Community Centre 42.20%
  • Events Space 15.93%
  • Market 6.44%
  • Dry Cleaners 0.51%
  • Doctors Surgery 58.47%
  • Dentist 20.51%
  • Hotel 8.14%
  • Gym 7.46%
  • Place of Worship 6.44%
  • Care Home 15.42%
  • Other 60.17%

Other suggestions:

  • Police station
  • Car parking
  • Cafes and eateries
  • Electric car charging
  • Click and collect facilities
  • Green space
  • Open space
  • Library

Q5. How would you like to see the minerals extraction area utilised until the point that access to the minerals is required?

Answered: 583 out of 624 people answered this question

  • Grazing 57.92%
  • Camping 11.24%
  • Sports Provision 18.4%
  • Walking/Cycling Routes 43.61%
  • Other 35.78%

Other suggestions:

  • Community woodland or orchard
  • Adventure playground
  • Picnic area
  • Solar farm/ renewable energy
  • Car parking
  • Animal sanctuary
  • Golf course
  • Wildlife

Q6. A country park is proposed as part of any future development. How would you like to see this used?

Answered: 582 out of 624 people answered this question

  • Sports Provision 27.65%
  • Hiking Trails 45.05%
  • Cycling Routes 46.08%
  • Play Space 40.27%
  • Recreational Lake 24.4%
  • Livestock Grazing 42.32%
  • Other 39.42%

Other suggestions:

  • Nature reserve
  • Woodland area
  • Golf course
  • Community gardens/allotments
  • Park office
  • Outdoor cinema/theatre
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • Eco lodges
  • Green gym
  • Horse riding
  • Solar farm
  • Wildflower meadow

Q7 With a new development would come an opportunity to provide new and/or improved bus services in the local area. Where do you think improved bus services should link to?

Answered: 581 out of 624 people answered this question

  • Oakham 68.55%
  • Uppingham 51.79%
  • Ketton 21.71%
  • Peterborough 46.15%
  • Corby 26.5%
  • Stamford 42.34%
  • Other 77.61%

Other suggestions:

  • Empingham
  • Grantham
  • Kettering
  • Leicester
  • Melton
  • Nottingham
  • Cottesmore
  • Market Harborough

Demographic information

Only age demographics and postcode were requested from respondents upon completion of consultation questionnaire.

Age Range

Answered: 575

  • Under 18 2.76%
  • 18-24 1.55%
  • 25-34 5.53%
  • 35-44 10.71%
  • 45-54 16.41%
  • 55-64 24.18%
  • 65 and over 38.86%

Postcode Data

Answered: 487

  • North Luffenham – 104 responses 21.36%
  • Edith Weston – 66 Responses 13.55%
  • Oakham – 57 Responses 11.70%
  • South Luffenham – 58 Responses 11.91%
  • Manton – 52 Responses 10.68%
  • Empingham – 19 Responses 3.90%
  • Ketton – 16 Responses 3.29%
  • Wing – 16 Responses 3.29%
  • Uppingham – 11 Responses 2.26%
  • Ridlington – 10 Responses 2.05%
  • Morcott – 8 Responses 1.64%
  • Pilton – 5 Responses 1.03%
  • Cottesmore – 4 Responses 0.82%
  • Exton – 4 Responses 0.82%
  • Lyndon – 4 Responses 0.82%
  • Barleythorpe – 3 Responses 0.62%
  • Greetham – 3 Responses 0.62%
  • Langham – 3 Responses 0.62%
  • Tinwell – 3 Responses 0.62%
  • Whitwell – 3 Responses 0.62%
  • Ashwell – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Barrowden – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Belton in Rutland – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Bisbrooke – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Lyddington – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Market Overton – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Ryhall – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Tixover – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Whissendine – 2 Responses 0.41%
  • Braunston in Rutland – 1 Response 0.21%
  • Great Casterton – 1 Response 0.21%
  • Hambleton – 1 Response 0.21%
  • Normanton – 1 Response 0.21%
  • Seaton – 1 Response 0.21%
  • Stretton – 1 Response 0.21%
  • Thorpe by Water – 1 Response 0.21%
  • Wardley – 1 Response 0.21%
The maps below provide visual representations showing where responses to the St George’s consultation originated from and in what concentration.

St Georges Consultation Responses – Heat Map

Click image for larger version

St Georges Consultation Responses – Spot Map

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Consultation responses

All official responses to the informal consultation around St George’s Barracks can be read in full as a series of downloads.

For data protection purposes, any information that could be used to identify individual respondents has been redacted. Any comments deemed abusive or offensive have also been redacted.