Background to the Masterplan Process


For nearly 80 years the St George’s Barracks site near North Luffenham has played an important role in the nation’s defence, first as heavy bomber base during World War II and more recently as an army barracks.

In November 2016 the Ministry of Defence (MOD) declared the 300-hectare site will be surplus to operational requirements by 2020 as part of its Defence Estate Optimisation Programme.

Under the MOD plan, the military estate across the UK will be rationalised to create an estate that is of better quality, more cost effective and efficient.

Rutland County Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation to ensure that the council and the wider community can have maximum influence over what happens on the site. Through the process the Council wants to ensure that any development is controlled, phased and contributes to the investment that the County needs in public services, infrastructure and affordable housing.

The high-level masterplan sets out early ideas for what may be possible on the site with any development happening in phases over a 10-15 year period.

Informal consultation has gathered feedback on the High-Level Masterplan for St George’s and is now being used to help produce a more detailed version of the plan. Once complete, the Detailed Masterplan will be translated into a planning application(s) to take the redevelopment forward and help meet our aspirations for the future of the site.